How to overcome fear of making decision

If you have to make a decision and you do not hit it, that's a decision as well. The bon mot comes from the US psychologist William James and is of course undeniably true. However, it is also true that the option of not making a decision is not always the best choice. Behind it can be both a halting tactics, as well as the fear of responsibility and the consequences, and thus a veritable lack of decision.

Decisions: More than a choice
Every day we make dozens of decisions, most unconsciously thinking and without large. They are - frankly - not worth it either. Who wants to ponder long about whether he or she is today one or two cups of drinking coffee for breakfast ?!

But then there are the serious decisions with great consequences. They often cause us abdominal pain. Behind the seemingly simple a choice of a number of factors, questions, doubts, fears, hopes and expectations. They all make the decisions harder and more complicated. Because…

Any decision for something is one against m…

Mental Strength: 13 characters that you are stronger than the average

Hand on heart: How do you deal with stress , problems and worries? Some put such crises seemingly loose away, come out of it even stronger and look as if it could not shake anything. The second group is more difficult with problems, sees difficulties, where perhaps none are and takes everything to heart. What you lack is mental strength . But what is behind this famous property, with which not only the own performance potential seems to be better exploited , but at the same time spirit, feelings and soul can be reconciled? An attempt to get mental strength on the mysterious track ...

The secret of mental strength
It is not uncommon to decide in your head whether we are more on the winner's side or the loser side. Of course, none of us is immune to setbacks and defeats . But while some still lie down or throw the shotgun into the grain, others stand up, knock the dust out of their clothes and carry on - different, better .

Performance under pressure. Mental strong graphics
In the psych…

Concorde Effect: Giving up is not an option

There are people who just keep on doing it. Against every reason . No matter what the mind tells them. Giving up is not an option for her, There's about the stock trader. Its stock has developed differently than expected. The losses rise and rise. But because he has already invested so much, selling is out of the question. Or the girl who really wants to be a model. Long ago, her friends and professionals have attested that she has neither the look nor the dimensions for it. But give up? So she continues to invest all her money in modeling schools and pseudo agents. Or the student who has fallen madly in love with his classmate, although she has already made it clear to him three times that she would rather go out with Catweazle than with him. So he becomes a stalker ... And, like everyone else, the victim of the Concorde effect .

To give up? No way!
Carry on - cost what it wants! It is a not so rare phenomenon in the human behavioral repertoire. In technical jargon, this persistenc…

You want to get better? Then ask yourself these questions (every week)

Getting better - a desire that drives many people. Especially at work, many strive to do their jobs better, to develop their skills, to take on more responsibility, to develop themselves personally and professionally, to make a career. The desire itself is indeed a good starting point, but on its own he is not enough to actually make a change. So how do you get better? In short: through self-reflection . Or easier: by asking, It is important to deal with the current situation, with (supposed) successes or defeats as well as with one's own goals over and over again (self-critically) - and then act accordingly. The following questions should therefore not only be asked today to improve, but ideally every week ...

You want to get better?  Then ask yourself these questions (every week)

Why is it so hard to question yourself?
With a few questions should you get better? For some, the idea may just cause skepticism and doubt . With improvement, they combine hard work and a lot of practice n…

7-Year-Old Boy Rescues Over 1000 Dogs From Kill Shelters

Since December 2016, 7-year-old Roman McConn rescued over 1,000 dogs from euthanasia.

Roman, with the help of his mother Jen McConn, established what she calls an “underground railroad” for dogs. The project--called Project Freedom Ride--was established two years ago to transport dogs from kill shelters to safe and loving homes.

Roman always wanted to rescue animals, ever since he was a young child. “Roman opted to forgo birthday gifts on his fourth birthday and get money to help a rescue that he had seen on a pretty regular basis,” McConn tells Inside Edition.

When the two went to adopt their dog, Luna, from a high-kill shelter in Texas, they were disheartened by the volume of dogs in the shelter that were to be euthanized. “I was sunk,” McConn says on the Project Freedom Ride Facebook page. “I became heavily involved with volunteering at the local shelter, with Roman’s help in making videos to help network the dogs.”

When the family moved to Washington state, McConn became inspired. “I …

Publix Grocery Store Chain Cracks Down on Service Animal Fraud

Publix stores across the US have posted new, updated signs outside their stores in an effort to curb service animal fraud.

According to USA Today, the old signs only stated, “No pets, please. State law allows only guide or service animals.”

The new signs, which have been posted at the entrance doors of the grocery stores is now more specific in an aim to deter people from bringing their pets in as if they were service animals.

According to CBS12 News, the new signs say, “For food safety reasons, only service animals that are specifically trained to aid a person with disabilities are permitted within the store. Service animals are not permitted to sit or ride in shopping carts. Thank you for your help!”

Publix released a statement to CBS12 that clarified their service animal policy, stating, “Our policy on service animals in our stores has not changed. In an effort to raise awareness and understanding, the decision was made to post this note as a reminder. Publix is an associate-owned comp…

Dog Scratching? Here's How Pet Food Can Help

Does your pooch always scratch, chomp, or lick himself? As baffling as it might be, relax because of realizing that you're not the only one in managing the issue and there are regularly things that should be possible to help. One conceivable key: pooch sustenance.


As per Dr. Joel Griffies, a board ensured veterinary dermatologist in Marietta, Georgia, canines are influenced by a large number of similar allergens that influence individuals — natural triggers, for example, dust, molds, residue, and bugs (particularly bugs). Sustenance sensitivities are conceivable, yet not as basic as some may think. Luckily, there are approaches to assist canines with nourishment hypersensitivities.


"Canines with sustenance hypersensitivities are regularly susceptible to proteins, which originate from creature or plant-based fixings in the eating routine," says Dr. Jennifer Coates. "The proteins are separated into particle…